Jo Cooper

"Can not thank you enough for this morning David, I struggled for a few hours yesterday trying to get that note and 5 minutes with you on the phone....BAM got it."

Andrew 'Dru' Chen

"David's the reason I have my vocal capabilities today. He keeps me in check, and in performance-ready mode all the time."

Amera Tabet

"David is an Exceptional Educator. He has helped me a lot and continues to offer great support and coaching."


The Koi Boys

"I have been going to Dave for the last 12 years, his understanding of the vocal anatomy and technique allows me to pinpoint exactly where I'm having troubles and what i need to focus on...If it wasn't for Dave and his teachings i would not only have terrible technique but very damaged cords...I wouldn't be the successful singer I am today.."

Chris Ah Gee
James Allen
Steve Anning

Cleon Barraclough
Kim Benzie (Dead Letter Circus)
Kimberley Bowden
Troy Brady

Brooksy (The Seks)
Cameron Brown (Led Zeppelin Tribute)
Josh Boyd
Dylan Cattanach
Andrew 'Dru' Chen
Kye Cole
Jo Cooper
Yasmina Despot
David De Vito
Dave Dow
Jessy Emmanuel (Daisy Dukes)
Danny Faifai (The Koi Boys)

Breanna Fielding
Kelsey Giorola
Euan Gray (Rooftops)
Tom Greenwood
Jade Holland
Monica Huarte (Mexican Movie Star)

Caleb Lafaitele
Xy Latu (Random - X Factor)
Travis Lee
Rhydian Lewis (Michael Buble` Tribute)
Paul Lines
Josh Lovegrove
Mark Lowndes (Aus. Got Talent)
Lauren Lucille
The Lyrical
Phil Mairu (Signed Sealed Delivered)
Craig Major (Major Electric)
Kathryn McKee
Eloise McElroy (Quarter Short)
Nuz (The Koi Boys)
Bonnie Page (Jersey Boys - West End)
George Sheppard (Sheppard)

Shane Simmons

Franky Smart
Amera Tabet
Adia Tai
Rowena Travi
Rachel Everett-Jones Utovou
Tracy Vaughan
Jez Wander (Major Electric)
Andy Ward
Dan Wolsner
Xellesia Newton-Hatch