David Sowden

David has more than 15 years experience in vocal education.

He has studied with Master Teachers from all over the world both as a singer and a teacher. He has worked with music industry professionals in recording studios, live performance, touring artists, songwriters, stage actors, singers and dancers.

By focusing on vocal method and technique he has been able to coach singers of all genres. From rock to RnB, opera to metal, folk to musical theatre, pop to hip hop, singers from 5 to 75 years of age have benefited from Davids unique methodology. 


For many years I was a "wannabe" singer. All my musicality in my head and heart but could not escape translate to the outside world confidently. I studied. I sought. I even began to understand the science of the voice and what was physically happening in my throat. I was encouraged by world class vocal educators to pursue teaching voice. I found my calling, however, I was still unfulfilled as an artist. 

I read a book, published in 1936, by a renowned voice teacher. This statement struck me:

"To learn the sensations of cause

To learn the sensations of effect

To control the sensations of cause

To control the sensations of effect

This is the sum total of vocal mechanics"


I knew what "cause" was with regard to the physical muscles.

I knew the "effect" was the resulting sound energy, tone and power.

But, I realised I hadn't grasped  the "sensations" repeatedly mentioned in this stanza of thought.


Everything about the mastery of the voice had to do with "sensations". How the voice physically felt. 


I continued to embrace the teaching of my instructors, who had patiently waited for this student to show up in mind, body and spirit. I allowed myself to be wrong. 

To Do.    To Feel.    To Learn.

-David Sowden-

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