The Technique
What makes this method fundamentally different?


your Style



Not What, How

Our training method doesn't focus on WHAT you sing but rather HOW you use your voice.

Your Technique.

If your vocal technique is solid  you will have the foundation for great performance, style and endurance.

This method doesn't enforce the rigid postures of certain styles and genres of music.

It allows you bring your own style, influences and personality to your singing.


comes from...




Cause & Effect

Using the voice is all about sensation...what you physically feel. Its not about what you hear in your head.

The audience hears our voice... singers we feel our voice. 

Singers can't see their instrument. So as teachers, rather than describe the required sensation, we prescribe exercises that have a physical and 

acoustic effect.

These exercises lead to definite coordinations, hence defined 


There is no guessing or misinterpretation...

 ....therefore no confusion.





At a Masterclass in 2005, the master teacher listed over 40 vocal problems on the whiteboard that he asked the audience to call out.

He then proceeded to say: 

"Every one of those problems can be solved or prevented by one thing. Balance".

The primary function of making vocal sounds involves balancing Air and Muscle. When speaking, we tend to have no trouble because we do this in a limited range everyday. When you sustain your voice, vary pitch and dynamics, the body can struggle. The voice can get tight, restrictive,   breathy or sound uneven.

With the correct air/muscle balance throughout the vocal range,

singing becomes as easy as dynamic speech.*




The tripod


While many training methods focus on breathing or manipulating the posture of the body, Our Method focuses on three aspects of vocal sound production. Three dimensions.

The tripod principle.

A tripod is the most stable base for any upright structure unlike a wobbly cafe table.

Proper coordination of these three aspects of the voice leads to a balanced, versatile voice.

* not singing like you speak or singing in a spoken tone

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