Fast Track


What are Fast Track Lesson?

Fast Track Lessons are designed to accelerate the application of balanced technique to singing a song

How are Fast Track Lessons different from other lessons?

Regular lessons focus on developing the voice holistically and are necessary for long term development.  


Fast Track Lessons are taught by focusing on RESULT and what you should expect when singing.

Can anyone do a Fast Track Lesson?

Yes. Beginners through to Advanced can do Fast Track Lessons. 

How do I book Fast Track Lessons?

If you are new to training with David Sowden Singing Studio, you'll need to arrange an introductory lesson to establish your vocal needs before arranging a Fast Track Lesson.

If you have trained with us before you can contact David to discuss arranging a Fast Track Lesson.

Are Fast Track Lessons more expensive?

No. Fast Track Lessons are based on the same lesson rate that David normally charges.

However, they are generally at least 40 Minutes in length.

How many Fast Track Lessons do I need?

Fast Track Lessons are designed to compliment regular lessons and your own personal practice. You can arrange it as a one-off booking or a series of Fast Track Lessons.

Vocal Services


Private Lessons

Conducted in person at David's teaching studio

Or Online (Skype, FaceTime)

Group Lessons

By arrangement in person

Lesson Duration

15 Minute (Online only)              25 Minute

40 Minute                                      55 Minute

Extended lessons by arrangement

Lesson Rate

Online and Willow Vale Studio

15 Minute : $30

25 Minute : $50

40 Minute : $75

55 Minute : $100

Lessons rates in other studio locations may vary


We request a minimum of 48 hours for cancellation/rescheduling

No Shows/late cancellation forfeit their lesson

If you are unable to attend, are sick or held up please advise us as soon as possible.

We do not guarantee rescheduling but may be able to accommodate you online or in a free space. 

Makeup time is available at DSVS discretion 


Electronic Funds Transfer or PayPal

All lesson payments are made in advance of your booking

Confirmation of payment secures your booking

No payments are taken at the time of your lesson as this takes away from your lesson time.


Workshops can can be organised in various locations.

They can be themed around how the voice works, empowering the performers, 
caring for your vocal instrument, application to different genres and styles, connecting your voice, teaching concepts and tools, and many other topics. 
Workshops can be arranged to be over a 3 hour half day event or multiple days with public seminars, private classes and face to face lessons.

If you interested in hosting a workshop event and wish to have a free workshop manual sent to you, please contact us through the contact page

Recording Services

Recording vocals can be the hardest and most time consuming thing to do in any session. 

Not only does David understand the voice physically and acoustically, but he is an experienced sound engineer and producer.

Combined with David's vocal coaching ability, you can save yourself time, strain and money on your vocal tracking.

David can also coach you through recording sessions in any studio you choose. We can arrange face to face or save you money by coaching over the phone or online, from anywhere in the world.